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The Law Enforcement Action Partnership is extremely proud and humbled to announce that we are the recipient of a very generous donation by philanthropist MacKenzie Scott.

LEAP recently celebrated our 20th anniversary, and this contribution comes at a time when our work has never been more important. We have been on the cutting edge of drug policy and justice reform for two decades. While much of that time was spent as a “little engine that could” – a lean operating budget, a small but effective and accomplished staff – we have always been looking forward, and we have always set big goals. In 2020, the landscape of policing changed forever. It had been a long time coming, and LEAP was the right organization to meet the moment. Our message of accountability and transparency in policing, of prioritizing community health and public safety, translated into effective, efficient solutions, like our National Policing Recommendations and our Community Responder Model. Now, with this incredible vote of confidence, we are the right organization to carry the work forward into a sustained movement, advocating for policies that will truly make our communities safer and our justice system more equitable.

Ms. Scott’s vision is to invest in teams on the front lines of change, and that certainly applies to LEAP. Our speakers have, quite literally, served on the front lines of the justice system. In joining LEAP, we serve on the front lines of the reform movement, bringing our expertise in enforcing bad policy to creating lasting, impactful change throughout the justice system. We are law enforcement validators, standing with our communities to call for change. Ms. Scott’s contribution amplifies our message of shrinking the footprint of policing and building community trust.

We are all stakeholders in transforming this broken justice system. LEAP would not be where we are today without our outstanding partnerships: our longtime allies in drug policy and justice reform have worked with us every step of the way to build this movement and create this momentum. We are beyond grateful and honored to share this space with all of you. Looking forward, we know how much farther we have to go, and we know that with your continued partnership, we will succeed in creating a justice system that is truly just.

While we may need to take a moment to catch our breath, we are ready to seize this amazing opportunity to increase our impact. Stand with us.

In solidarity,
Diane & the LEAP Team

Lt. Diane Goldstein (Ret.)
Executive Director


Law Enforcement Action Partnership
121 Mystic Avenue Suite 9 | Medford, Massachusetts 02155
781-393-6985 | info@lawenforcementaction.org

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